Friesian Keuring Bridle

Long time no post? It’s been… nearly a month already, yikes. I have been busy with work and Etsy orders and life, but in between all that I’ve been poking at personal hobby projects.

One was a white bridle for Breyer’s Friesian, which I finished up this week. It was made to look like ones commonly used in a Friesian “Keuring” or inspection.

Horses are typically shown in a white bitted bridle. I opted for a plain snaffle on mine (which is a jump ring and seed bead) as that’s what I kept seeing in reference photos.

And I did cheat a bit with the lead rope, using twisted embroidery thread instead of leather. I don’t think it really matters as I’ve seen both on real horses. 🙂

One thing I couldn’t ignore was the amount of keepers… this bridle has fourteen of them!

Keepers are one of those things I love for their detail and hate because they are fiddly to make.

It came together nicely in the end though. I think my strap work has improved a lot this year.

10 thoughts on “Friesian Keuring Bridle

  1. Great job! You are a patient gal with 14 keepers! It looks so gorgeous! I always get great ideas from your blog. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy tacking to you! Many blessings to you and yours!

  2. Wow! The intricacy of all those little buckles and keepers… incredible! I didn’t know they were used for ‘Keuring’s, either, it’s always interesting learning about how model tack would be used in the real show ring. 🙂

    1. Nope, it’s held in place with sticky wax. I actually use dental wax as it’s cheap and easy to find locally. 🙂


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