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The Canadian Horse Heritage Preservation Society did a short demonstration while at the Expo:

While the announcer talked over the history of the breed, the riders were all doing something different.

There were tarps:

And a giant soccer ball:

I believe this horse is Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro, and if I’m remembering this right, is the only palomino Canadian Horse stallion in the States.

I came across this stallion a couple times over the weekend. I believe he is a Friesian stallion named Crusader Quest:

The Icelandics I shared a while back on Instagram/Facebook, but I couldn’t leave them out of this post because they’re so CUTE.

I was also really excited to see that Endo would be at the expo. I’ve been following Endo’s page on Facebook for a while now, so it was great to see him in person.

He was really popular! 😀 I think he liked all the attention. You can read more about his and Morgan’s story here.

Annnnd this wraps up my real-horse-photo-spam posts! I mainly took these pictures for myself, either for reference or for new ideas, but I also hope someone else out there might have enjoyed them!

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BreyerWest was held at the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo. This year was their 20th anniversary, and over the weekend there were multiple demonstrations, clinics and performances. I was excited to have so many opportunities to admire beautiful, real horses, (not just the models! ❤️) so I tried to get as many photos as I could. My blog doesn’t get real horse photo spam very often, so off we go..!

I figured I would start with the Black Pearl Friesian Dance Troupe. Their performance was fun to watch, and I loved all the color!

When they finished, the horses and riders would line up outside the arena for pictures. One thing I’d like to mention is how friendly they (and all the other exhibitors) all were, encouraging people to meet and pet their horses, and answer any questions anyone might have.

This is Peanut and he was adorable and stole the show

This is The Doctor and he was gorgeous ❤

I love how the light caught this one’s eyes

On Sunday I came across one unsaddled, so I got a lot of pictures of him too.

My favorite breed of horse is All Of Them 😁 but Friesians are high on my list so I was so happy to see these beautiful horses in person.

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Long time no post? It’s been… nearly a month already, yikes. I have been busy with work and Etsy orders and life, but in between all that I’ve been poking at personal hobby projects.

One was a white bridle for Breyer’s Friesian, which I finished up this week. It was made to look like ones commonly used in a Friesian “Keuring” or inspection.

Horses are typically shown in a white bitted bridle. I opted for a plain snaffle on mine (which is a jump ring and seed bead) as that’s what I kept seeing in reference photos.

And I did cheat a bit with the lead rope, using twisted embroidery thread instead of leather. I don’t think it really matters as I’ve seen both on real horses. 🙂

One thing I couldn’t ignore was the amount of keepers… this bridle has fourteen of them!

Keepers are one of those things I love for their detail and hate because they are fiddly to make.

It came together nicely in the end though. I think my strap work has improved a lot this year.

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