Nerdy Saddle Pads, Part III – Sailor Senshi

I’ve been working through the next batch of nerdy saddle pads this week. This set is the largest so far and is only halfway complete, but it’s complete enough to share here, anyway. 🙂

Over the past few years I’ve been watching a fair amount of anime. It makes me happy! (and terribly sad sometimes, holy crap) I’m especially drawn to stories about friendship and dramas and whatnot, and bits and pieces of it bring back memories of my short time in Asia. I’m also a huge sucker for any type of animation… so yeah.

Anyway. Sailor Moon was one of those shows I got hooked on right away, especially with the remake series, SM Crystal. I haven’t uh, finished the entire 90’s series yet… it’s massive and I’m currently distracted with another huge show. 😛

But I thought it would be fun to combine interests again and make a set of SM themed pads. All the minis in the pictures are from Re-Ment sets. 🙂

Sailor Moon/Usagi:




And Venus/Minako:

This brings the total of “nerdy” pads to 16… with at least 5 more to come, because it wouldn’t be right to leave this set unfinished. 😉
Why I think I need THIS many english pads is a mystery… but it’s fun so whatever!

4 thoughts on “Nerdy Saddle Pads, Part III – Sailor Senshi

  1. Nichelle, these are lovely! Any chance you might make something similar in 1:32 scale? Will you have some styled like these for sale in 1:9 and 1:12 scale?

    1. Thanks! I don’t think they will translate well in a scale smaller than 1:9 though. :/ I won’t be listing these for ordering but if there’s a serious interest feel free to contact me privately. 🙂


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