I’m a bit of a Re-Ment addict. Re-Ment is a Japanese miniature/toy brand, which makes really detailed minis in 1:6-ish scale. My Re-Ments have become one of those “accidental” collections, and I am planning on writing another post on them later. Today though, it’s about mini cameras.


The rules I have for Re-Ment collecting is that the piece could be used for my 1:9 scale world, and is something that I can’t or don’t want to create myself. And like so many collection “rules” they kind of went out the window, but anyway…

I’ve actually been looking for a miniature camera for a while now. They do exist in miniature, and there are some really nice 1:6 scale ones out there, but they can be pricey as well as too big.

I did make a tiny version of my Canon Powershot a couple years ago, out of paperboard:


And I have attempted to make a mini DSLR, but my attempts haven’t quite worked out. So, when I saw this mini plastic one in an upcoming Re-Ment set, I started watching my favorite ebay sellers for a chance to snag one.

It came as part of a Gudetama themed set. (Gudetama is a Sanrio character, and yes, he’s an egg… and that’s pretty much all I know)

Gudetama Hot Springs # 1

And, like so many Re-Ment sets, the scale isn’t quite 1:6 which makes it perfect for my 1:9 scale people.


It’s got a nice clear lens but the rest was rather plain, so I gave it some paint details and a new strap. Here’s the end result:



Since I painted it after my full-size camera, I couldn’t resist putting them together for a couple shots:



Here it is compared to a Breyer doll… Yvonne can hold it better but I haven’t made her any clothes yet so…


Goofing off, as usual…




9 thoughts on “A Tiny DSLR

  1. Ahhhh, that’s awesome! 😀 😀 I really want a nice 1:6 camera for Max and Juno – I’ve got one at the moment which would actually work really well for 1:9 too, though it was actually marketed as 1/12th scale! XD

    1. As far as I know, the set isn’t discontinued but it can be tricky to find on it’s own now.


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