Santa Hats

Years and years ago, I made a mini Santa hat for my models. While it’s fun for pictures, it’s really, really annoying to use, as it refuses to stay put on anyone and can look really odd when it does. I’ve wanted to remake it for ages and finally got to it today.

The new ones are made from scraps of stretchy velvet, with stretched out felt trim instead of the weird faux fur stuff I used for the last one.

Mini Santa hats are fairly easy to make – my pattern was basically a triangle with a slightly rounded bottom. I placed this on a folded piece of fabric, sewed up one edge, turned it inside out and voila! They did have to be glued down to keep them from standing straight up.


One is sized for the dolls, and the other for horses, for matchy-matchy photos.


And since this fabric doesn’t fray, I cut slots for ear holes and immediately stuck it on half of my models.


It still doesn’t fit everyone, but it fits (and stays in place!) loads better than the last one, so I’m happy.


Putting tiny Santa hats on everything makes me happy anyway. I guess I’m just weird like that. XD


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