Mostly Done

Sorry for the lack of posts all month. 😦 I’ve been sick and not feeling motivated to get anything done.

Today I managed to get one thing done though, or rather, mostly done.

Once my supply order arrived I started to put together the rest of the saddle. The flaps were sewn together, the seat attached, and stirrup leathers added.


All that was left was to make the panels, which, as I expected, gave me loads of trouble. In the end I managed to come up with something decent, and even though I’m not 100% happy with them yet, I think they’re good enough for now.


I think I can say that this saddle is finished, hooray! Yes, it still needs a girth and a bridle to go with it, but those are projects I’ll tackle later.


It’s got some problems… I really messed up the placement of the D rings and the right side has something really “off” looking about it.


I am really critical of my own work though, so what may be major eyesores for me are probably (hopefully?) not as visibleΒ to anyone else.


Still, I welcome constructive criticism. πŸ™‚




Here’s a quick shot of it on my Salinero model:


I made the pad to go with it earlier this month. I used a much smaller diamond pattern then usual, and I like the look, even though it takes a lot longer to create. I also tried to use a narrower bias binding around the edges, but that needs some more refining.



I thought I would compare it to my previous saddle:



Yay for progress!

20 thoughts on “Mostly Done

  1. If you get the opportunity – I’d say study one in real life. It will make so much more sense and things will come together easier!
    I’d say it looks fab, my only criticism is that maybe the seat was placed a little to far back? Could that be what seems “off” to you? I think it’s great to be honest.

    1. I so wish I could look over one in person! I think the problem is that the seat and flaps are put together at a slightly crooked angle. I didn’t really notice it till I looked closer at my pictures. >_< Oh well, live and learn!

      1. Aw, if we were near I’d let you borrow mine, but since I’m in England I don’t think it’s quite possible! >_< If you wanted any specific pictures I could do that though πŸ™‚

        Maybe that's it haha, well atleast you know what you'd change next time, πŸ™‚

  2. I think it looks absolutely incredible – there is such clear progress compared to the brown saddle. Well done! Could I ask how you get your leather so smooth looking? Do you maybe use edge kote or something similar? That’s my main problem with building saddles!

    1. I think a lot of it has to do with the tight grain of the tooling leather. I used gum tragacanth around the edges and Eco-Flo’s Satin Shene for the finish as well.


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