Halters for Everyone

I haven’t been feeling well. Instead of trying to get stuff done for my shop, I’ve been making halters for my horses instead, at least until I’m feeling a bit better. (which will hopefully be soon. I hate being sick and having to “take it easy” – I have STUFF to do, dangit!)

This is one of those projects that I’ve been slowly working on. (like all my projects, right?) I really want all the horses in my collection have their own halter. And a blanket. And tack and such.

I was inspired by Last Alliance Studios’ post here, and ended up putting together a spreadsheet of sorts on my computer. I have one set up for my collection in general, but this new one is mostly for keeping track of tack and things. It’s incredibly satisfying to add checks to the boxes, and all the empty ones really annoy me so perhaps this project will actually be completed someday.

Anyway, halters. My tack boxes are a huge mess at the moment:

I have made SO MANY halters but the majority of them have been sold, so those I do have are older and not very nice. Many of my horses have halters already but I figured that several will need to be re-made. Here are the completed ones I’ve got so far:


These three I made last January, but they were in need of lead ropes, so that was done first:


My Sucesion and Flash got shiny new halters as well, with little “metal” tags:


Here’s one for the Cob:

And one for the newest member, Latigo. (aka “Apache”)

My Cigar (“Patriot”) got an updated halter:


..and new. It fits a lot better. 🙂

And since I probably won’t be able to remember which halter belongs to which horse, I’ve been making them tiny labels to stick inside.
I made a list of names on my computer, printed that out and covered them with clear tape, to prevent the ink from coming in contact with the model.

They’re super tiny but they seem to work all right:

Only 50-something left to go! o_o

13 thoughts on “Halters for Everyone

  1. Hey Desktop! Ur awesome! I’m 10 and my sister who is 12 and loves Breyers introduced me to the amazing website. It looks like a ton of hard work but it sounds really fun too! Thank you so much for putting all this hard work into this website so people can enjoy your creativity. I understand why you like crafting so much! Thanks again, Finley


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