Playing With Water

Sometimes it’s good to just… play. Or break out the glue gun, which for me, is kind of the same thing.


Not too long ago I stumbled across a crafter and mom who frequently posts how-to videos on youtube. Yes, they are geared towards a younger audience and are mostly about dolls, (where was she when I was ten years old?!?) but many of her ideas are brilliant. Well, if you like making things out of cardboard and recycled stuff anyway. 😉

One of those was a water trough. I had to try it, just for the fun of it.



The “water” is a removable piece of plastic (I used a breyer box I haven’t gotten around to tossing yet…) covered in a layer of mod podge.


It dries transparent, giving the effect of water without actually using… water.


My water isn’t perfect and I did have some trouble getting it to fit in the trough, but that’s due to my own laziness really. I ended up making a couple more pieces…




… and a smaller piece to fit in a medicine cup bucket I made ages ago:



Plastic horses drink plastic water, yes? I’m sorry I know I’m weird.

WaterTrough10But like I said, sometimes it’s good to just do something for fun and fun alone! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Playing With Water

  1. I thought I was the only hobbyist who still watched that channel… I too am much older than the “geared audience” but some of that stuff is great for us hobbyists!

  2. I think I saw that water trough video and I’m definitely above the target audience, but if thought it was neat. And I like your post on it. Good job!

  3. It is always fun to do a cool craft for a model horse and take fun pictures of your plastic ponies with it after. I love the pictures by the way! I have a suggestion though. The next time you take a picture of the white arab mare with the water trough, if you wanted to make it look like she had allready drank some you could wet her muzzle first, then take the picture. Then it would give the effect that she allready had drank some and you could also get a cool picture where the water has formed a drip on the bottom of her muzzle. Just a suggestion though thought you may get a awesome picture if you do it.


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