Miniature Clock Horse

Last week I had all my mini whinnies scattered on my desk, (where did they all come from…!?) and was comparing the molds to the Traditional Breyer molds just for the heck of it. The saddlebred reminded me of the American Saddlebred stallion, which made me think of that clock they released for their 50th anniversary.

Then this happened:




I wasn’t overly concerned about perfect seams and smooth, realistic color – I just wanted to mimic the real model. I’ve never painted a “real” horse color either so this was fun.


I made the clock from bits of craft wood, sanding and slicing and sawing it until it sort of resembled the shape I was going for. The clock itself was printed out and covered with a thick glaze.ClockHorse5

I’m really happy with the end result!ClockHorse6

I’m not planning on creating a bunch of “mini-me” micros, but I do have more ideas…

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