Back to Tack

I started working on a bitless bridle a couple weeks ago. It’s been rough.


Everything is fighting with me. Preparing the lace and assembling the above pieces put me in enough pain to not do any tack making at all for several days, which is bad because when I hurt like that, it affects everything. I’ve got a more important project in the works as well, so any day not working on that isn’t good… because, you know, deadlines. o_o

I’ve accepted the fact that my wrist pain isn’t going to go away. Forcing myself to limit what I do and take frequent breaks is another challenge.

On good days, I get into my “don’t-bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew” mode and work slowly and steadily. On bad days, I want to give it up altogether. It’s incredibly depressing.

Luckily, I have more good days than bad, so once my pain level went back to “normal” I picked up the leather lace again.

First thing I did was slice through a strap.


No matter, it happens… I have lots of lace and…



I swear… this bridle…

Third time’s a charm, right?




Plus, I got the browband skived without incident too. Now for the rest of it, one piece (and one day) at a time.


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