Looking back on 2013

Happy New Year! I hope the year has ended on a good note for all of you. 2013 was a tough year, but even though there’s been a lot of bad there’s been plenty of good too.

As far as models go, I guess I can say the year went well. I never did get into photoshowing, but I did try and keep this blog updated almost every week. (ok, kind-of sort-of on that one)

In addition to that, 2013 brought four new horses to the herd:


…including the new Gypsy Vanner, who was a very generous Secret Santa gift:


Every year, I resolve to make more tack. In 2013, I made over 60 halters, an English saddle, an Arab presentation set, several bridles, over 20 saddle pads, and lots of small things, like flymasks.


I also made even smaller things, like props and signs and random miniatures. (which I never got around to posting about, haha)


While I would’ve liked to make more progress on my larger projects, I’m pretty pleased that I was able to make all the things I did, even when I was busy with school and a job.

As for 2014, my hobby resolutions are the same: more tack and more blogging. I would really like to get my unfinished projects OFF the workbench this year too.
One thing I’d like to do is comment on other blogs more often, and do my best to respond to comments I receive. They definitely mean a lot to me, so thank you!

Also, I’ve finally caved and decided to open up a Facebook page for Desktop Stables. It’s not meant to replace this blog at all. It will announce new posts here, and it might be a place for pictures that don’t fit in anywhere else… we’ll see. You don’t have to be a Facebook member to be able to see my page either.

Here’s hoping for a good 2014. I’ve got high hopes for it at least… if everything goes as planned, I’ll be graduating this summer! 🙂

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