Adventures in Sewing

I’ve been a weird mix of sick/not sick since Christmas. It’s like my body can’t make up it’s mind. :/ I hate being idle when I don’t feel well, and that restlessness tends to give me bizarre ideas, like getting out my mom’s old sewing machine.

I haven’t used a sewing machine in say… 12 years or more? I think my last sewing project was George:

He’s only got a few holes so I say he’s held up pretty well

Once I figured out how to get the machine threaded and working properly, I went to work on making a quilted stable blanket. That’s an easy I-haven’t-touched-a-machine-in-years project, right?



It quickly became much more complicated then I thought it would be. I didn’t have any bias tape on hand, so I ended up making it myself. (but I’d rather buy it if I just need plain black or white, ugh)

Then, what to use for hardware? The pieces Breyer uses for their blankets are realistic and nice, but a bit out of scale. No one offers these for sale and I didn’t feel like ripping them off a Breyer blanket. I solved the problem by fashioning the clasps out of wire, then hammering them flat. I’m not sure how strong they are now, but I like the look, even if they aren’t “perfect.”


A couple days (and many hours) later, I ended up with this:






It’s got plenty of issues but overall I’m pleased. I’ve already got ideas for more.


I couldn’t just stop there though… I had to give an English pad a try too. This meant more bias tape (ugh, again) and an attempt at quilting a couple layers of fabric together.


The end result left much to be desired…


But it fits my goofy saddles all right, so I think it was a good experiment.



I need more practice, but it’s nice to not have to do everything by hand anymore!




7 thoughts on “Adventures in Sewing

  1. I’m totally in awe of you!! Plus I love the blanket…

    You’re like – O.k, I need a blanket – I’ll just whip it up…
    Um, I don’t have hooks – that’s o.k. – I’ll just make them…
    (I’ve been sewing for YEARS and would never have thought of this!)

    Love reading your blog, watching your creativity and
    I’m Totally, Absolutely in AWE of what you do!
    : ) Keep up the great posts!

  2. Love your stable rug. I make mainly rugs and head collars and had the same problem with sourcingle attachments! Yours are just like mine and I like the photo of your experimental bits- I had plenty of those too!! I really want to have a go at quilting. Mine are all done by hand and don’t have the lovely realism yours do. I love your blog and your pieces,! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world:)


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