I CAN finish things.

I’m back! I went to Washington last weekend and like always spammed Flickr and Blab with my photos. šŸ™‚

Unfortunately since being back I’ve wanted nothing more than to stay locked away in my room, growling at anyone who makes too much noise. :/ Today’s been different. (or better, I should say) I made myself work on some tack and happily it lifted my spirits. I guess having something turn out ok will always help one’s mood.


This set was based off of a real Arabian collar set, which can be seen here. I have no idea if that’s the original source for the image… I found it via Pinterest and you never really know with that site…

Anyway. I’ve never made a “portrait” piece before so it was a fun challenge. It’s not completely accurate, but pretty close, I think…





The shark’s teeth charms were made from large silver sequins (thanks to Jennifer for the idea!) instead of silver tape. I like them much, much better. Ā I’ve got some in gold to play with too.


Even though this set was made for my PAM, I couldn’t resist dressing up my Huck as well:


I’m really happy with how this set turned out. I love it when all the little details come together.

In other news, school is starting up again next week. I’d like to keep this blog updated but I might be MIA for a bit. We shall see.

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