Disney Horses, Part I

My grandparents took my family to Disneyworld this year. (I know… we’re completely spoiled!) My grandma’s been going every year for many years now, (she was at Disneyland in CA on opening day, back in 1955) so she’s always really excited to bring her family with her. I’m really thankful I got to go.
The trip was both fun and exhausting! Disneyworld is HUGE and it takes several days to see everything. Even then, it’s easy to miss a bunch of stuff, simply because it’s so massive and so packed full of detail. But I had fun. It was great to get away for a bit.
I took my Rebel along with the hope of getting some good pictures, which I’ve uploaded on my Flickr account here: Disney Set

While I was there I decided to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts, looking for horses and horse-shaped-objects around the parks. I found loads, but I know I missed many, many others too.

The Magic Kingdom has a bunch of horses, including these posts all along Main Street USA:

MK_06There are real horses on Main Street too. They pull the trolleys down the street during the day:
MK_03I love the gold mickeys on his harness!
MK_02This is inside Cinderella’s castle, made out of hundreds of colored tiles:
MK_05Crystal horses pull a crystal carriage inside one of the shops:
E_21There’s a horseless harness and hearse parked in front of the
Haunted Mansion:
MK_04And of course you can’t forget the carousel. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t get any close up pictures. 😛
Hollywood Studios had a few horses:
HS_02These are on the outside of the Great Movie Ride, which is made to look like the Chinese theater in Hollywood, CA:
HS_04Inside, one of the carousel horses from Mary Poppins:
HS_01Last but not least, Walt Disney himself, outside the “One Man’s Dream” exhibit:HS_03
More to come soon! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Disney Horses, Part I

  1. If you’re ever in this area again, it might be worth your time to visit the Grand Oaks equestrian resort. It just changed ownership but it still has a fabulous carriage museum and offers carriage driving lessons on top of the usual riding lessons (I just got back from a wonderful trail ride there during which I rode one of their horses around the property with a guide and no one else. Because I’m pretty experienced she let me canter, and we had a great time. Summer is their off season but it’s loads of fun to take a driving lesson, see the property, walk around taking pictures of all the horses they have, and relax. Not to mention that the museum is really cool and has all different sorts of horse-drawn conveyances set up. It’s a wonderful place to visit!

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun a disneyworld! I agree that it’s tiring… After a few days last summer, my sister and I were totally pooped.


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