Stupid saddles.

I can’t focus.

Here’s today’s mess:


Well. Every project has an ugly stage, right? I turned my attention to another saddle instead:


This was my second ever English saddle. It’s got a lot of issues but I thought I would give it an update of some sort today.

The skiver leathers were the first thing to go:


Followed by the knee rolls:


Another mess later, here is the result:


It still has issues. The knee rolls annoyed me so much that I’m scared to try and put the orange mess together.

Anyone want to make me some English tack? I can make you an Arabian costume. Or other Arab stuff. Or halters. For every single horse in your herd.

8 thoughts on “Stupid saddles.

  1. Even though you may be scared, as I found out, (most of the time) you get a pretty good end result. If any one is interested in buying some of my tack I’d be glad to send you pictures.


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