Oh look another one!

Here’s another “in progress set.” I’ve been trying to work out some things that bothered me on the last couple sets. For example, I think I’ve finally gotten it through my head that the tassels on the ends of the halter shouldn’t be so darn long! These ones are better. Not exactly what I want yet but better. And better is always, well, better, right?

The idea of a white halter/collar set sounded really nice to me too. It has touches of green and will possibly have touches of red and blue in there too. Hopefully the end result will be pretty.

I feel bad for not keeping this blog updated weekly though! Working again is keeping me busy. It’s good, but by the end of my work-day I’m so physically exhausted that sitting down to tie tassels or sculpt cowries doesn’t sound like much fun at all. Argh.

College and gas and everything else can’t pay for itself though. I wish it would. That would be fantastic. 😀

Ah! Also, I recently added some SM’s to MH$P. Link under “For Sale” up above… 😉


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