Yellow Tassels and New Faces

Up next on the “unfinished projects” list: a yellow Arabian presentation set.

Progress on it is kind of slow… but slow progress is still progress!

Putting together the chain nosebands for arabian tack drives me crazy. However, I’ve found that assembly goes a lot smoother if they’re held in place on a roll of masking tape. It makes it so much easier to keep things even!

In progress tassels…
Nearly ready!

I’ve been working on it off and on, when my wrists allow, anyway. 😦 Hopefully I’ll have finished pictures to show you all soon!

Also, two new faces showed up this past week. First is Roxy…

BF SR Roxy, aka “Shadow Dancer” or “Shadow”

I love her tiny star!

And Manyard’s Miss Sheba. This particular model is a gelding though. I have no idea how many were made before the mold was altered for the rest of the run… haha.

I *did* come up with a name for him but it’s slipped my mind. Argh! Any suggestions? I want something with an old west feel to it… hmm.

Until next time…

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