Slow Going

It’s been nearly a month since I last posted here. (already?!) You’d think that after all this time, I would have something to show you all.

Well! I do! So here it is…

Yup. A Noseband. It’s taken me one month to sit down and create a NOSEBAND. Honestly- am I the world’s slowest tack maker or what? This is silly.

However, small as it is, I’m pretty pleased with it. I followed several tack tips on Jennifer’s blog… for the keeper on the buckle you can’t see, the raised noseband and the preparation of the lace. (If you’ve never read any of the tack tips on her blog, I highly suggest you do so! I’m so thankful there are hobbyists like Jennifer who are willing to share their knowledge/methods with everyone. It’s very much appreciated! :))

Now to make the the rest of it! Perhaps I’ll have it done by Christmas. Perhaps.

4 thoughts on “Slow Going

  1. Wow, looks nice! I’ve tried to create a raised noseband from Jennifer Buxton’s blog, but the inside waxed thread would not stay straight. It bugged me to no end! Kudos!

  2. Christmas… of what year?


    It is a VERY nice noseband though… so I’m sure when you’ve completed the bridle, at least it will be of a quality that was worth the wait! =)


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