Keep the ponies warm!

Joker’s a bit fidgety when it comes to being blanketed. (is that even a word?) Stand still you crazy horse!

It’s been a horribly cold and grey week. I think our high today was 10 degrees. Heat wave! Woo!

Even if the weather was brighter, it would still be a cold and grey week. It’s been a week of annoyances, disappointments and deep heartache.

I haven’t been feeling up to doing much. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, thanks to my new obsession with the 365 project, (my page is here) but aside from that, it’s been work and getting annoying things done, like laundry and dishes.

The sun did come out for a little bit today:

But now it’s all dark and gloomy and cold again. 😦

4 thoughts on “Keep the ponies warm!

  1. The 365 project is cool! Can one join at any day or did you have to start at a certain date? Will definitely look into that one, what a great idea.


  2. It’s nasty cold here too, so I’m using it as an excuse to turn on the space heater and just work on models all day!


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