Western Saddles

Yesterday I decided to get out my Rio Rondo saddle kit. I can’t even remember when I ordered it.  It was a few years ago at least! For some reason I’ve been scared to put it together.

It’s not like I’ve never assembled one of these kits before. I’ve put together 2. Here, I’ll show you pictures. And it’s ok if you laugh. 😀

The first, made in 2004 or 2005… covered with numerous mistakes:

And the second, a western pleasure saddle. (decked out with silver tape, woo!)

Made in 2007, right before my second show. It was my first time showing performance and I needed a saddle for my western entry. No placings, which I expected… it was more for the experience then hopes for ribbons. 😛


Hopefully the third will turn out ok. I’m dyeing it this time, but I’m still not brave enough to carve it or add any extra bling. I’d rather have a nice plain saddle then, well… a mess. Hah!

And for goodness sake, I NEED to update my saddle stands!


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