Reining Show

A few days ago, when I was driving to work, I noticed that already the trees are changing color. Kind of took me by surprise, as I could’ve sworn they were just bright green.

September already? Where does the time go and why does it go so quickly? I’m all for fall though. I’ve had enough of summer. Summer’s been nothing but work and drama. Woohoo!

However, there have been some nice no-drama-no-work days, AND horsey-related days, like last Friday. My sister and I went to watch part of a Reining show that was going on, put on by the MRHA. 🙂

I don’t know very much about reining. I’m not sure what the judges look for and what all the rules are and whatnot, but I DO think that it looks fun. I tried taking pictures but my camera wasn’t cooperating, so I ended up with a bunch of video clips instead, which I mashed together here:

It was interesting to watch. Some riders were really good, others, not so much. Others kind of made me wonder if they knew what they were doing. o_O And the riders who I think did the best, I didn’t get any pics or video of. (figures, right?)

Of course I was also interested in the tack being used… but we were too far off to get a good look. And I’m too shy/awkward to go up to the riders themselves to stare at their horses. (“Hi! I’m some random person who’s going to film you and your horse and put it on the internet! What kind of boots is your horse wearing?”)


All in all it was a good way to kill a couple hours. I’ve only seen this sort of thing in miniature or on the internet, so it was nice to see it in person and get a better idea of all that goes on.

If you’re into Breyers you’ve no doubt heard about Stacy Westfall and her horse, Whizard’s Baby Doll, (aka Roxy) who was made into a model for Breyerfest a couple years ago. Ever since watching this video of her riding, I’ve wanted to see these two perform in person:

Maybe someday? 🙂 You never know. Until then I’ll try and get out to the local shows. There’s another next month!

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