Catching Up

I have so many in-progess pieces and projects right now it’s ridiculous. I must have an awful attention span or something, since I can’t seem to stay focused on one thing for too long.

It’s really nice when I DO finish something though, like these arab halters that have been in progress for months now. They were pretty much finished already… they just needed the cowries and medallions sculpted. I got the motivation to work on those today:

After baking, glueing and glossing, NOW I can say that these halters are FINALLY complete! What a relief too, as they were supposed to be completed early on in the summer. Not only did life get completely in the way, everything seemed to go wrong with these halters from the very beginning. So frustrating!

Anyway, here they are now:

Some little things need to be cleaned up before they’re sent off, but that’s no big deal at all. I’m just thrilled they’re finished. 🙂

Now to find the motivation to finish everything else!

One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Those are really nice! =D

    You don’t happen to sell cowries/medallions for a headstall/collar set, do you?
    (You can e-mail me, if you’d like)


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