You get what you pay for.

Let me introduce you the the watercolor that has cleverly disguised itself as acrylic paint!

Yeah. This stuff has so much water in it that it has the consistency of watercolors, which is very frustrating. But a lesson had to be learned here… you honestly do get what you pay for. Never again, Jo-Ann!

I bought this color for the outside of my barn. After a couple coats, this is what it looked like:


Ain’t that purdy? GAH! I ended up mixing my own shade out of other paints I already owned, and was able to cover the mess quite nicely.

It’s a bit too dark now, but much closer to what I was going for. Now I’m working on the inside and front, covering the primer with more white paint to make things look more even. The process is slow but it’s rather relaxing too. (this pic is before I started painting with the white…. updated pics will come later. :D)

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