Random Horse of the Week

“Old Joe” lived in my grandparents garage for years. I remember seeing him every time we went in there to get something out of the freezer. (hooray for popsicles!) He was standing in a cardboard box with other sad looking animals and figurines. (which I would LOVE to identify now…) It wasn’t until I was older, and into Breyers, of course, that I realized who he was.

My Grandma let me take him home, where I cleaned him up a bit. This Old Timer isn’t worth much, especially in his present condition, but he’s still special to me. He’s yellowed a lot from being in the garage, and I’m hoping that once the sun comes out this summer, I’ll be able to stick him in a window (and hope the cat won’t knock him over) to whiten him up some.

I can’t help but wonder what else is in my grandparent’s garage now… aside from a huge  mess of boxes, clutter and black widow spiders!

3 thoughts on “Random Horse of the Week

  1. For some reason I doubt grandma will be up to digging through the garage. 😀 But I think it would be so fun… like a treasure hunt of sorts… stepping back in time… XD


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