So it’s been a month…

Gah. Life’s been keeping me busy. Working full time isn’t exactly fun… but hey.. what else have I got to do everyday? It’s better then, well, doing nothing I guess.

I got some pictures of my collection today though, since it’s (Woot!) my day off:

Meet the herd! Mostly traditionals on this shelf… and yes… most have names. And quite a few of them have placed in past live shows in halter and performance. This shelf is where all the G2 SM’s live as well.

They’re all very happy that I spent last Sunday dusting them for the first time in ages. XD

And above my desk, the herd of G3 SMs, and a couple Schleich horses:

A couple classics above my desk:

My little herd of Classic mustangs:

And last, but not least, more mustangs, Trads this time:

There you have it. Horses everywhere! 😀

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