I had forgotten about the free/bonus Stablemate in the Premier Club until I saw others appear on Instagram. Mine arrived earlier this week, so here are a few photos of him. Charleston is a brand new mold sculpted by Laura Skillern Sailer. He is such a cute horse! Like previous PC stablemates, he is a … Continue reading Charleston


Hamilton arrived this week! Hamilton, an American Saddlebred stallion, is the second release in the Premier club this year. He was sculpted and designed by Jennifer Scott of Aspen Leaf Studios. I was so excited when this guy was fully revealed! Jennifer's sculptures are beautiful and this guy didn't disappoint. He is gorgeous. Hey Breyer, … Continue reading Hamilton


I've added way too many horses to the herd. First, Catch Me: I've been waiting for a RR on this mold! He looks like such a great performance horse. Dominante is next... I've also been waiting for a RR on this mold! This color suits him so well. The real horse, Dominante XXIX, is the … Continue reading Newbies


I had a feeling I should join the Premier Club this year. I ignored it. I regret it. But thanks to another hobbyist I was able to add the second, Dundee, to the herd! ❤ Photos of this horse have been everywhere lately, so, sorrynotsorry for adding a few more. 😉 I really, really love … Continue reading Dundee