I had a feeling I should join the Premier Club this year. I ignored it. I regret it.

But thanks to another hobbyist I was able to add the second, Dundee, to the herd! ❤

Photos of this horse have been everywhere lately, so, sorrynotsorry for adding a few more. 😉

I really, really love this mold. Performance friendly horses are my favorites. (I’m still waiting for a performance Arab that’s not trotting, but cantering or walking without his head in the clouds)

My copy certainly isn’t perfect, but I’m happy with him anyway. His mapping is different from what I’ve seen on other mapped models. It looks like there is grey shading underneath it. A nice experiment, but I think I like the way they mapped previous models better. 🙂

Premier brothers:

6 thoughts on “Dundee

  1. Oh my goodness. I love this model and the pattern/colors they put on him!!! I wish I could get both of them. (Dream come true:))


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