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It’s been go go go ever since I got back home from Oregon, so I’m sorry if I’m being kind of slow to respond to emails and such. This weekend I had time to get some photo editing done. Here are some photos from the BreyerWest open model horse show!

It had been five-ish years since I last went to a show. Unfortunately nervousness took over, so a lot of the photos I managed to get didn’t turn out because of how badly my hands were shaking. Hi anxiety, so glad you could make it. 🙄
When I did manage to mellow out I was more content to just watch and admire all the beautiful horses that were there. I did get some phone photos, so apologies for the not-so-great quality!

Three of my dozen horses placed, (a 6th, 4th and 2nd) which was better than what I was expecting. The classes were very competitive and at times gigantic (my Alborozo got 6th in a class that had to be split because it was so big) so any placing at all was exciting!

Enough of my rambling, on to the pictures!


Owned by Meredith Conrad


Owned by Meredith Conrad

I was so happy to see haired models at this show! Haired customs are my favorites ❤

owned by Mel Miller

owned by Mel Miller

In-Between Mare

I think this little guy was an auction model? Not positive but he was gorgeous! Owned by Debbie Connell


Painted by Christina Riley

owned by Stormy Strike

All in all this was a really great, well organized and smoothly run show. Special thanks to Erin Corbett, to Kat and Heather at Breyer, to all of the judges and everyone else who volunteered their time and energy to make BreyerWest possible!

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BreyerWest is next week! Slowly, but surely, I’ve been working on getting things done and making sure I have everything.
I’m nervous (about everything like usual) but also really excited. It’s been around 5 years since I’ve been to a live show, and I’ve only been to 3 total. I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂

I’ve decided that I need to make new pony pouches for the small group of horses I’m bringing. I made a bunch before my last show but they’re kind of falling apart so NEW ONES IT IS! It’s a long term goal of mine to make pouches for ALL the horses anyway, (mostly to make moving them easier) but like many of my projects it hasn’t gotten anywhere. At least now I’m getting a start on it, and putting fabric I’ve had for years to use!

As I was working on them I figured I might as well document my process here, as a kind-of-but-not-really tutorial for the stubborn DIYers like me. 😉

I’m not using a pattern or measurements, but cutting everything by eye. I’m also keeping these very basic. They just need to protect my models, not be perfect!

I start by cutting a piece of quilting cotton and a matching piece of white fleece.

This one is being made to fit my Bristol, so I’m using him to get an idea of size.

I want the bottom edge to completely cover him when folded up, with extra at the top for a flap. I’m also adding a little extra material for a seam allowance. It’s always better to have too much than not enough!

Later I discovered that a standard pillow case is the perfect size for a Traditional pouch. With some models it would have to be wider/narrower/etc, but it’s a good place to start if you need a pattern.

With the good sides of the fabric facing together, I sew along the entire rectangle, leaving an opening at one end. A good habit to get into is to backstitch a couple times every time you start and stop your stitching. This will lock your threads in place and prevent them from getting pulled out when you turn the pouch right side out.

Once that’s sewn, I trim off the excess, clip the corners…

… then turn it right side out.

I closed the opening with topstitching, but if you want something neater, you could give an invisible ladder stitch a try.

Using Bristol again, I fold the pouch over him and use pins to mark how high I want it to go:

My sewing machine has a really hard time sewing through all four of the layers, so I use a walking foot to help it. This one I purchased off of Sewing Parts Online for around $20, and it’s helped SO much.

The grooved metal bits under the foot are called feed dogs. They pull the fabric through as you’re sewing. The walking foot has an extra set of feed dogs, so the fabric is being pulled from both the top and bottom. It makes sewing through thick fabric easier, as well as thin or slippery fabrics that shift and pucker or get sucked into the machine and jammed. (I hate that)

Once the sides are both sewn up…

… I turn it right side out again, and it’s finished!

I’ve also been sewing velcro pieces to the top, to help keep it closed. (and get this velcro used up, haha)

I’ve been making a few every day, and have a nice stack already. They’re not perfect, they’re not fancy, but they’re loads better than my old ones.

Is it next week yet?!?

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Lethbridge Live

So… I really failed at getting pictures this weekend. This is partly because I brought my smaller camera (indoor lighting + shaky hands = blurry photos HOORAY) and partly because I was more focused on paying attention to classes and whatnot.

Oh, and that in person I’m reallllly shy/socially awkward. :]

BUT, I did get a few performance pictures!




Loved the sleigh!




Pretty saddle

Being around other hobbyists and being able to see dozens and dozens of gorgeous horses was both exciting and a bit overwhelming! I loved it though – the show was great and I had a lot of fun. 🙂 My little group of horses did really well too… most of them placed, and I got at least one ribbon in every color which makes the collector in me happy.


Of course I don’t have photos of my horses on the table. XD But I did get some now that I’m home.

Azul placed first in OF Mustangs, then went on to champ in the stock breed division:

LL12I was able to enter some horses in novice gender classes, where my Roxy (aka Shadow Dancer) took first in mares,

LL14Phantom took second in geldings,


and Alborozo took first in stallions, then overall reserve in gender, winning a lovely mare and foal set:

LL09I’m still excited about all that. XD

I did attempt to show performance again, and stuck with two classes. My arabian costume entry placed first:

LL11And my second entry in western games (pole bending) came in sixth (I need to re-work it, hahaha) but that is still LOADS better than my first attempt at performance showing!

All in all, I learned a lot and am SO glad I decided to make the trip up there. And with a drive that looks like this…



I’d gladly make the trip again! 🙂

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