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After making the fly masks I was inspired to work on a few more pieces. I ended up with a fly sheet with a removable neck hood, and a set of fly boots. Here’s the set altogether:

The entire thing is made from cotton, but I would like to experiment with a more transparent material if I can find some later on.

The sheet is similar to other blankets I’ve made, but it’s not lined and doesn’t have any sewn on binding. The faux binding was created with acrylic paint. If I do this again I’ll have to mix the paint with a fabric medium of some sort. (to prevent cracking or flaking)
I have mixed feelings on using paint over actual binding, but on pieces like the straps, there is NO way I could’ve sewn binding on without creating a ton of extra bulk.

Here’s the sheet without the hood. (the D rings are just for show – they don’t actually attach to the hood like they would on a real blanket 😉 )

It’s got a tail cord instead of leg straps too:

I think the boots are my favorite:

No tiny plastic pests will be bothering this horse!

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More Fly Masks

I have been in a really bad creative slump. I haven’t finished a piece for my horses since the end of May… and here we are at the end of July. 😦

When this happens I do one of two things: ignore it and push through with small fun projects, or back off completely until I’m feeling better. I hate doing that, so I figured I would try making something fun and easy.

It’s been years since I made fly masks for my models, and I’ve wanted to make updated ones, so I thought that would be a nice project to work on.


The first one was inspired by Kensington’s fly masks for real horses. I think it turned out ok, but I really dislike the seam going down the sides.

For some reason I had my mind set on adding ears to a fly mask, and that turned out to be a lot more difficult that I thought it would be. Pattern making is HARD.

And sewing the stupid ears in was HARD too. I didn’t match the size of the ears to the size of the holes they’re sewn in to properly. To correct it I had to take the mask in more in the back, which caused it to fit strangely. (it fits the smaller headed horses now, so I guess that’s a plus)

The pattern got tweaked again (and again) until I was happier with the ears. On this mask, they’re still not fitting the holes perfectly BUT it’s a lot better.

I had to add another dart at the top for a better fit:

This one got a nose cover too. I mean WHY NOT MIGHT AS WELL.

It definitely wasn’t the “easy” project I was hoping for, but hey I finished three things! Silly looking things but still!

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