More Fly Masks

I have been in a really bad creative slump. I haven’t finished a piece for my horses since the end of May… and here we are at the end of July. 😦

When this happens I do one of two things: ignore it and push through with small fun projects, or back off completely until I’m feeling better. I hate doing that, so I figured I would try making something fun and easy.

It’s been years since I made fly masks for my models, and I’ve wanted to make updated ones, so I thought that would be a nice project to work on.


The first one was inspired by Kensington’s fly masks for real horses. I think it turned out ok, but I really dislike the seam going down the sides.

For some reason I had my mind set on adding ears to a fly mask, and that turned out to be a lot more difficult that I thought it would be. Pattern making is HARD.

And sewing the stupid ears in was HARD too. I didn’t match the size of the ears to the size of the holes they’re sewn in to properly. To correct it I had to take the mask in more in the back, which caused it to fit strangely. (it fits the smaller headed horses now, so I guess that’s a plus)

The pattern got tweaked again (and again) until I was happier with the ears. On this mask, they’re still not fitting the holes perfectly BUT it’s a lot better.

I had to add another dart at the top for a better fit:

This one got a nose cover too. I mean WHY NOT MIGHT AS WELL.

It definitely wasn’t the “easy” project I was hoping for, but hey I finished three things! Silly looking things but still!

8 thoughts on “More Fly Masks

  1. Wow, so cute! I want to make one but I don’t have the materials…..

    Is there anything that could help when I’m re-painting a model?

  2. Especially love the one with the nose cover, as we just had to get a similar one for our all-year, outdoor pink nose Appaloosa pony!

    1. I think it might just be a simple picture, or something found online and the horses were set in front of a screen.


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