Snowbird is the Holiday Horse for this year:

Like the past couple of years, Breyer had me work on the prototype for his costume. I was really excited about this one. I loved the blue and gold combination and tried to keep it as close to Breyer’s design as possible.

I have heard that there have been some issues with his costume, unfortunately. While nothing on my copy had fallen off, some places (especially on the headpiece) are kind of sticky from the glue the factory used.

My model was not damaged from it, but it might be something to keep an eye on.

Without the costume, the horse is a nice grey.

Thank you Breyer, for letting me have a part in his creation! 💙

6 thoughts on “Snowbird

  1. GORGEOUS! You always do such a great job designing the prototypes! So, is it pretty easy to take the costume off?

  2. This is my fave holiday horse yet! I’m so excited for mine to arrive – every photo I see is just stunning.


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