Blanket Organizing

2022 is off to a rough start already. My enthusiasm for the year lasted about a day or so, then quickly fizzled out. Today I just wanted to stay in bed. Organizing has a weird way of making me feel better, so I’ve been poking at this project all week.

Most of the blankets I’ve made I’ve either sold or donated. I do have a collection of some I’ve made for myself, as well as early attempts I can’t get rid of. They’ve been living in a cardboard shoebox. That’s fine, but I wanted a way to organize them better.

This idea I got from Toya of MyFroggyStuff on YouTube. She stores her doll clothes in binders, using clear sheet protectors. I really liked this and thought it would work well for my blankets.

So I picked up a package of full-size sheet protectors, some for trading cards, and two 3″ binders.

It’s kind of awkward to photograph because of the size, but basically, each sheet holds a Traditional scale blanket pretty nicely. Using a piece of cardstock behind it lets me store one blanket on each side.

The binder gets full pretty fast, but keeping them separate prevents the straps from getting all tangled together, or caught on the more delicate ones, like this blue scrim sheet.

I also like being able to keep those with multiple pieces together, like the grey fly sheet.

The second binder holds my collection of Breyer made blankets, which include the Rambo, Weatherbeeta and some of the show blankets. I was really happy the Weatherbeetas fit!

The trading card pockets fit my English saddle pads nicely, so I have a few sheets full of those. Western pads are a bit too long.

I also have a couple pages full of halters. I used my extra business cards to help hold them in place and make removing them easier.

I did the same for my small collection of boots.

I really like the way this looks, and I like seeing exactly what I have, but things do slide around a bit. Adding the cards helped, but I do wonder if it’s more trouble than it’s worth. ๐Ÿ˜…

It’s nice to not have to dig through stuff to find one piece though, and I think they’re better protected now, so that’s a plus!

8 thoughts on “Blanket Organizing

  1. What a phenomenal idea!!! Why hadn’t I seen this before…. I use sheet protectors for so much, but didn’t think of tack. The sliding might be helped by a bit of sticky wax; or a judicious piece of tape. Or a cotton ball (now that one came out of the blue!).

    For the Schleichs: Think about the sheet protectors for slides and stamps.

    1. Tape was my first thought. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or maybe a small square of double sided tape stuck inside, to keep the pouch closed? Hmmm…

      1. Dear Nichelle, good morning!!

        I would like to send you pictures of some epoxi and polymer clay home made saddle trees I’ve made, slowly, but relentlessly!

        Would like you could see some pics and give me your opinions and recommendations! ๐Ÿ™‚

        My e-address is as bellow, if you want to send me a mail responding to my request, please?

        Count on your feedback, as you prefer.

        GOD Bless you,

        Maynard Conde.

  2. Hello, Nichelle! Good morning!

    Hope you have received my western saddle frame photos!

    I thank you for open a opportunity on have your opinion, recommendation, sugestions!

    I didn’t took photos of the process I use, but will take pictures of the next making , if it might be useful!

    GOD Bless you!



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