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Trailer Organizing

My to-do list is huge and I have in-progress pieces all over the place, so it only made sense to start something else. A form of procrastination, I think.

Last year I purchased a Breyer truck and trailer lot from someone locally. The price was too good to pass up, and even though the adult in me was saying “NO NICHELLE YOU DON’T HAVE ROOM GROW UP ALREADY” the kid in me won.

It’s fun for pictures. That’s my excuse.

Anyway, I’m not sure what inspired me to create a door organizer for it yesterday but well, here it is…

The hardware was made from wire glued to scraps of card. I think it would be better to solder the wire to metal strips instead… but I haven’t learned how to do that yet. :3

It’s attached to the trailer door with hot glue right now. It’s enough to keep it in place but isn’t as permanent as other glues. The loops velcro in place.

Filled with stuff!

I guess I really need to stop procrastinating now.

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Last week I couldn’t find one of my western cinches. My collection of tack is completely unorganized and chaotic, so this was no surprise. But it left me frustrated enough that I decided that SOMETHING needed to be done.

So I collected all of my tack (plus a few Breyer pieces and a handful from other artists ❤ ) and dumped it on my bed.

My first thought was, "WHY DID I DO THIS NOW IT'S EVEN WORSE" which then switched over to thoughts of, "Wow, that's a lot.” and also, “That’s IT? I’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years and this is all I have??”

Well, there is a huge chunk of my work missing that’s been sold, donated or gifted, so I obviously can’t include all that, but still.

I knew going through it was going to be a pain, but I didn’t expect it to have this weird emotional affect on me. The majority of this stuff is old work, pieces that are unusable or frustrating to use, and experiments/first attempts. There are many pieces that I think turned out well though, yay!

This July marks the 10 year anniversary of this blog and “Desktop Stables.” This hobby has been such a huge part of my life for nearly 15 years, so seeing some of these really early tack pieces brought back a lot of memories. Or rather, memories of feelings, if that makes sense, and the enthusiasm I had for tack making in general. I wasn’t so hard on myself and it didn’t matter if the piece was incorrect. If it resembled real tack in some way I was happy and very proud of myself. (I uh, still feel that way sometimes… >_>)

I guess it’s a feeling of nostalgia? Like when you hear a song or smell something that instantly takes you back, even just for a second. I’m sure those of you who have been in the hobby much, much longer than me (and are probably laughing – 15 years? Psh!) can relate? Kind of maybe sort of?

Back to organizing. I started by grouping everything by type… saddles with saddles…

… Arabian tack…

… bridles and halters…

… boots…

… the saddle pad problem…

… and so on and so forth. The next step was to separate everything into different groups: Keep, Sell, Recycle for Parts, and Toss. A lot of pieces I can’t part with, but I did put together a group of things that I’ll be listing to my Etsy shop once I get them properly photographed. (no saddles but some Arabian tack and boots and stuff) I sometimes find it really hard to part with my work, but I’m not using these pieces for anything so I’d rather them go to someone who’d like them.

My tack boxes are looking much better now!

By the way, I did end up finding the cinch. 🙂

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Since it’s “officially” Spring (nevermind the fact that it’s snowing outside) I’ve been in a spring cleaning and organizing sort of mood. Then again… this happens every few months or so. I can never keep things organized and if I don’t stop to do something about it it quickly becomes chaos.

The amount of stuff I’ve collected for model horse projects has gotten a little out of hand too. I have that “you-never-know-when-you’ll-need-it” mentality… which is good, I guess, if you’re actually using the stuff you’re saving!

Ah well. I went through a huge mound of fabrics last night and still have a lot left to go through. Everything’s sort of thrown in random places and it’s making me crazy.

One thing I have started to organize is my tack. Up until now I’ve been keeping all of it in an old shoebox. It was a good idea at the time. It didn’t cost me anything and was large enough to hold all my saddles and bridles. Unfortunately it turned out to be more of a hassle than anything else, as everything got all tangled together.

I came across these storage boxes at Joanns and decided to pick up a couple:

The nice thing about them is that they’re deep, which means my western saddles can fit nicely without being squished. The removable dividers are really nice too, so the bridles can be stretched out a bit without getting caught on anything else.

The hinges on the lids feel like they’re going to snap when opened… so I’ll have to be gentle with that. But aside from that I’m pretty happy with them.

It’s nice to have it somewhat organized now, instead of just a huge tangled mess of string and leather pieces. It’s made me realize just how badly my tack needs to be updated though. Most of my pieces are from several years ago… and I’d like to think I’ve learned some new things since then. :/

I still have lots of stuff to go through first. Perhaps when things are more under control I’ll get to work on those updates and unfinished projects. 🙂

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