Rebecca Farm 2021 – Other Shots

Here are some more photos from Rebecca Farm… these didn’t fit anywhere else but I still wanted to share them!

The cross country jumps are so creative, like this giant rollercoaster:

They also added a saddle to one of the dinosaurs. πŸ˜„ In the background, it looks like corn, a hot dog, a revolver and I think the carrot jump.
I’ve shared posts on both some cross-country and show jumping jumps, which you can find here and here.

There were some pretty horses in the warmup ring.

I liked this palomino mare.

That’s all for this year! Hopefully, if I make it out again next year, it will be cooler and less smoky!

2 thoughts on “Rebecca Farm 2021 – Other Shots

  1. Pretty! Witch of you intrepid prop makers/ performance showers wants to take on the challenge of recreating the “Roller Coaster” Jump? (If I was a judge you would get lots of points for creativity and originality!)


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