A Tiny Barn

A few weeks ago I purchased a mini barn kit from Sinny’s Mini Art. I first saw this site shared on Anne Field’s blog, and knew I had to have it. The barn is a tiny knock off of Breyer’s deluxe stable, in 1:144 scale. This is dollhouse scale in dollhouse scale. 😄

There were many tiny, (tiny!) pieces, laser cut from very thin wood.

Some assembly required!

Because it’s so small, I thought it would be best to paint all the pieces before assembling them. This meant adding stain to the inside pieces first…

(which was just a brown Prismacolor marker)

… and followed by paint.

One everything was dry, it was finally time to assemble! I added extra pieces at this time, like the stall mats and the feeders, cut from the wood scraps.

Finished!I had just as much fun putting together the extra miniatures and photos as I did the barn. 😊

The kit came with a few wood horses, but I wanted to see how my other tiny horses would fit.

These are H0 scale (a railroad scale) and are slightly too large.

I have a couple horse-shaped plastic blobs that are smaller.Safari’s “Good Luck Minis” are similar in size. I only have their fantasy pack, so I guess my barn’s being invaded by dragons now.

The princesses are necklace charms from Disneyland. Their expressions crack me up.

This won’t end well. Maybe the unicorn will save the day?

9 thoughts on “A Tiny Barn

  1. I love it that you had to turn to dragons! Hilarious! I have one of those, in red… Your barn is beautiful, a gem, and it’s so grand to see her working on it!

  2. I like how the princesses have a pair of eyebrows that manage to each be a unibrow by itself. They’re amazing 😂

    I keep meaning to get some H0 horses. What did you use for the backing for the tiny Secretariat’s blanket of roses?

  3. Back in the day, dollhuse scale was considered 1:12, that is, one inch = 1 foot. Even as I was drifting away a bit, it was 1/2 inch = one foot. Things have gotten smaller as space has gotten smaller, but I still have my 1:12 dollhouse (entirely horsey stuff, it’s a ‘country store’) and room box.

  4. Omg that is the cutest thing ever! Love all your minis! I was wondering if you would do a saddle bag tutorial, I have been wanting to make them for quite some time but can’t find a good tutorial or pattern!


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