Spring Fling Donation

Last weekend I finished up another blanket. (I’ve been in a blanket making mood lately, lol) This one is a donation piece to the Spring Fling Model Horse Show. This show is hosted by Bronwyn Ahyong of Infiniti Studios and will be held in Sydney this coming October. If you’re in Australia you should definitely check it out!

Anyway, photos..!

8 thoughts on “Spring Fling Donation

  1. Perfectly gorgeous. As Stitch says, Also cute and snuggly!! I love it that we’re both working with Dundee right now.

  2. Could you do a bell boot tutorial? I would understand why you would not want to, but could you at least show some tips?

    1. Is there something specific you need help with on them? Mine are basically wide C shapes cut from dyed skiver leather, with a glitter tape or fabric overlay. I close them with micro velcro I purchased from a Chinese seller on Etsy, then stitch it down for extra strength. That’s basically it ^_^


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