Western Pommel/Horn Bags

Yesterday I worked out a pattern for some more western saddle bags. These are designed to fit over the horn of a saddle:

I liked how they turned out, but figured I could make them better, so I redesigned the pattern for a second set:

These are a little shorter than the red ones, and have a cleaner finished appearance:

Both have velcro fastenings, so the pouches can be opened and closed.

With a doll and saddle:

I’m really happy with how the pink set turned out in the end. I’d like to re-work my older saddlebag pattern now, partly to see if I can simplify it, but mostly because I want them to match. 😁

9 thoughts on “Western Pommel/Horn Bags

  1. I have to tell you Nicelle, years ago when I was ponying at the race track there was NOTHING like this out there…..I finally got a guy to make me a one sided one to keep my programs and cash in. I rode an English saddle so I had to design it to run my breast collar thru….I have to dig it out and show you.

  2. I’ve never made saddlebags. Trust Desktop Stables to come up with something this cute and different and USEFUL.

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