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Two more saddlebags were finished up today. My pattern can’t use patterned fabric all over, just on the flaps and drink holders. They might be a bit overwhelming if they were completely patterned, so that’s probably for the best!
I’ve also found that these are great for using up fabric scraps that I hold on to “because I might need them someday.” πŸ˜„

I wasn’t sure if I would like the silver trim on the black set, but I’m glad I decided to try it. I kind of want to keep them both.

Like the previous ones, these will be available at the BreyerWest swap meet! ❀

I am trying to figure out a way to make them available/orderable later on. Any info on that will be posted here and cross-posted to my Facebook page. Thank you all for the interest ❀

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Saddlebag Rainbow

This past week I’ve been making saddlebags. Lots and lots of saddlebags.

These were redesigned to match the horn bagsΒ and use a simplified pattern. I stopped making saddlebags because, to be honest, they were a pain to make. This version is easier, and I think it looks cleaner. I hope it’s an improvement?

Here’s a comparison between the two. This black one was a reject because of excessive glue spots, (I HATE those they never, ever come off!) so I apologize for the ugliness, but it’s the only example I have. :3

The water bottle holders are a touch bigger, which annoys me, but I wanted them to fit some dollhouse bottles I have on hand. If there is a hobbyist out there who can 3D sculpt/print a 1:9 water bottle, contact me. Seriously. They don’t exist but they need to. I don’t want to sculpt a polymer clay one ever again! πŸ˜…

On a saddle:

These particular sets will not be for sale online. I am taking them with me to BreyerWest next month, where they will be available at the swap meet. (unless they don’t sell, in which case they will be posted later)

In case someone’s wondering, no, I’m not comfortable taking holds or pre-sales, and will I have more made up later? Yes, because I want to make them in ALL the colors, but I don’t know when that will be. I’m sorry it’s such a vague answer and I’m sorry I can’t take orders for everyone. Right now I’m very BreyerWest focused, so everything else is out of mind.

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Yesterday I worked out a pattern for some more western saddle bags. These are designed to fit over the horn of a saddle:

I liked how they turned out, but figured I could make them better, so I redesigned the pattern for a second set:

These are a little shorter than the red ones, and have a cleaner finished appearance:

Both have velcro fastenings, so the pouches can be opened and closed.

With a doll and saddle:

I’m really happy with how the pink set turned out in the end. I’d like to re-work my older saddlebag pattern now, partly to see if I can simplify it, but mostly because I want them to match. 😁

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