Out of the Box

I purchased a Justify model on Black Friday, and he’s remained in the box ever since. Part of me wants to keep him in the box forever, but another part wants to take him out.

Keep in box or unbox, that is the question!

This week I couldn’t take it anymore. He is free!

I haven’t seen very many in-hand photos of this model yet, so here we go…

I love his color.

One of the things I love most about Sue Sifton’s sculptures are the faces. The Carrick mold has such a sweet face!

I’m glad I unboxed him… but is it strange that I kind of want a second one to keep in the box? 😄

7 thoughts on “Out of the Box

  1. He is so gorgeous!!!! I totally understand you. I have a model from the 70-80s and it was nib and I unboxed it. I probably could have sold it but I take all mine out of the box 😅 except a double model. I have 2 Bellas (horse of the year last year) 1 in box and 1 not.

  2. My first adult model horse purchase was Zenyatta. I am a fan and I thought it was crazymaking that I’d pay $55 for a plastic horse. But there she is. Still in her box as is her foal, Cozmic One. I bought a Zeny body (really nice body) and she is dressed in full racing tack custom made for her by several craftspeople. 🙂 I love the Carrick mold too and love that Breyer is paying attention to be sure the faces are put together correctly so they are balanced and not off set.

  3. Wow he is beautiful! I was on the fence as to whether or not I was going to ask for him for Christmas, but this puts all my doubts to rest. I do have one question though. Is he that shiny in person? Every picture I’ve seen of him makes him appear quite glossy .Wow he is lovely and I think you should definitely buy another one 😉

    1. He’s more of a semigloss in person, definitely not glossy. My photos make him look a lot more shiny than he actually is! 🙂


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