Jasper’s Turnout

Continuing with the “blanket all the horses!” mood I’ve been in, here’s the most recent one, made to fit my Copperfox ISH:

This was inspired by a full-size horse blanket (by John Whitaker, I believe) and I knew that I needed to make it for one of my CF horses.

It was also another gusset experiment, on a thicker blanket this time. The gussets themselves were made from an image of the Union Jack that I edited, resized and had printed on fabric for miniature work. I should have made it a bit narrower but I still think it looks ok.

I also decided to add tongue buckles to the front straps, which makes taking it on and off a bit more fiddly but hey, it’s the little details, right?

I’m really happy with how it turned out!


5 thoughts on “Jasper’s Turnout

  1. OMGOSH it’s amazing! I tried to make a blanket and failed epically. lol
    (But for some reason I can make decent costumes for the horses :|)

  2. This is so amazing!! The details are so realistic (even with the white lining and the stitching on the ribbon that keeps the buckle straps down, and the tiny piece of ribbon above the union jack on the gusset)
    This is so cool, how do you do it!?

  3. Wow! This is one of the best model horse blankets I have ever seen! I love the British flag detail, and that color goes great on Jasper! Great job!


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