Friday Find: YouTube Miniature Artists

I’ve found that there are a lot of miniature artists on YouTube who regularly post DIY videos on their channels. Here’s a list of some of my favorites! I’ve probably mentioned a few on my blog before, but I’ve included them anyway. 🙂

If you have any interest in mini-making, do check them out!

1: The Square to Spare

I came across this channel recently and loved it right away. A lot of the materials she uses are basic and easily obtainable, with really nice results. Also, she links to everything she uses in her info box.

2: Sugar Charm Shop and Sugar Charm Shop Gourmet

Even though most of her videos are food-related, I don’t think there’s anything she can’t make. Sugar Charm Shop has a huge variety of videos ranging from food to dolls to animals, and SCS Gourmet is mostly for food, but in more detail. The majority of her work is done in polymer clay.

3: Petit Palm
Their videos are more advanced, I would say, and use a lot of time-intensive techniques and mold making, but they are fun watch as the end result is SO nice!

4: Fatal Potato
Another miniature food artist… the amount of detail she puts into her work is amazing! Also, I love the editing/presentation of her videos. 😀

5: AkameruKawaii
This channel also has a lot of polymer clay food, but she also makes doll clothing, accessories and furniture.

6: Mimine
What I like most about this channel is that her miniatures often work like the full-sized thing. Her videos are in Korean, but they’re easy enough to follow along.

There are many, many more out there too – I love finding new artists to subscribe to so if you have a favorite please share! 😀

14 thoughts on “Friday Find: YouTube Miniature Artists

  1. I already follow 90% of those, haha!
    I’d definitely recommend My Froggy Stuff – most of their stuff is 1/6th scale and quite simplistic, but they’ve got some absolutely brilliant ideas!

    1. I LOVE My Froggy Stuff – they do have really great ideas! Her videos just make me happy too. 😀

  2. Have you ever checked out the model horse side of youtube? If not, Foxglory123, Lovable bays, Taytay Breyer, and so many more. A lot of mini turtorials for Breyer. Along with series such as Vengeance Rain. Model horse youtubers also make hobby videos like unboxings, ect. I hope you check it out!
    Ps. I also recommend MyFroggyStuff for mini stuff.

    1. There were a few model horse youtubers I followed, but that was several years ago. I’ll have to check them out though, thanks! 🙂

  3. I actually follow all those people! I don’t remember who it was, but someone made a tiny striphair brush for Breyer horses, and a mini whinnie saddle 😀

  4. Nichelle,I totally think that you should get a YouTube page for your tutorials, I would so watch them and I would beg my mom to let me subscribe! I don’t know of many YouTube channels with Breyer tutorials, or channels that have tutorials for things that are Breyer sized. But, HoneyHeartsc does Breyer unboxings plus she did the Schleich horse advent calender last year (yes, she did do a lot of goofing off as well). ; )

    1. There is a lot of channels that do tutorials for Breyers, just none of them are solely tutorial related. If there is any thing specific you want to learn I may be able to help!

  5. Thanks! I am more into the Schleich brand because it is a little more affortable and they take up less space. Plus my mom probably would not want a dramatic switch from Schleich to Breyer ! ; )

  6. Thanks so much for doing this post Nichelle! I NEVER would have found out about The Square to Spare and SugarCharShop without your links! 😀


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