Best of British Connemara

Even though I really am out of room, another new pony made it’s way into the herd. (and Breyer keeps tempting me with new releases too… I mean have you all seen the Breyerfest horses revealed so far???)

Anyway, this is the Connemara from the “Best of British” series, with the loose mane/tail variation.

Most of the loose mane versions I’ve seen haven’t had any dapples, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover mine did. In person they’re a lot more subtle than my photos show.

I ended up ordering a replacement stand for him by Towns End Art, as his “wave,” while good for display, would get in the way for photos.

It was kind of amusing to see him on it for the first time. I’m so used to the Newsworthy mold on the wave that he looked like he was flying! (I think his name will be Peter Pan because of that, haha) But at theΒ right angle the acrylic practically disappears, and since it’s small editing it out of photos will be easy.

I also got one for my jumping horse – he can fly too! XD

Today I set up my indoor arena to get some photos. I wasn’t positive on where to place him with the jump, so forgive me if I’m way off! I tried to get an idea of it by watching slow-motion videos of jumping horses, and that seemed to help some.

Like I thought, editing out the stand was fairly easy, and much, much easier than trying to get rid of the wave!

Here’s a quick shot with a Jr. Rider I have in progress:

Now he needs a saddle and pad and bridle and… >_<

19 thoughts on “Best of British Connemara

  1. Nice pony!! Given his jumping position I would set him a little farther away from the jump. Put him so that his nose is “just” over the crossbar but his knees are still behind it. Any way nice work on the new stands and the jump and indoor “arena” are pretty cool!!

  2. God Knows I have a total, flat-out, knock-down, drag out fight with myself everytime Breyer comes out with something never produced and new colour or pattern introductions. I already have both version of this model. My main goal is simply confine myself to one of each mold and only be patient and wait out to see what different colours/patterns might come out of them.

    I started collecting them when I was a young child (back in the 50’s) and did not start back again till around 2009 when I discovered a whole batch of Breyer’s I had never seen before and saw after pulling my models out of the attic that many were damaged and I wanted to replace what I could not repaint or color match. Boy did I open a Pandora’s box….OI VEY!!!!


    1. Haha, me too! I try and collect one of each mold as well, in a color I really like. It’s getting harder to do with all these mane and tail variations..!

  3. So far I have seen only one mold I do not care to have – “Refections Mesteno” mold #480. I believe it is suppose to be “Mesteno” in his old age but, it looks (from photos I have seen) he is a halloween horse. I wasn’t sure about “Susecion and her foal” (thought they were kinda weird looking especially Susecion’s mold) but, then I got one and changed my judgment on it…now I have both versions of the “Colour Crazy” models.

    1. Oh yes, I don’t care much for that mold either! ^_^ I do have a soft spot for the other Mesteno models though – they were some of my first Breyers!

  4. Oh my gosh! He really does look like he is flying over the jump! By the way, you are going to have to post pictures of the Breyerfest horses for this year, I hvae no clue how to find them. >_<

  5. I know at least one of the models for BreyerFest 2017 is listed at “” and likely more are too as the lady who manages the site seems very competent and updated with Breyer’s stuff.

  6. Nichelle,
    i am doing a project on the backgrounds off different model horse companies, I only have two so far: Schleich and Breyer. Do you know of any others???

  7. Hi Nichelle, you wouldn’t have a link for the company you bought the stand off, would you? I tried searching for them, to no avail 😦

  8. One of my favorite Traditionals along with American Pharaoh and Rhapsody In Black.
    Love him!


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