Copperfox Cob

It’s been a really, really good mail week. It’s unusual for me but I’m not complaining!

Yesterday my Copperfox Welsh Cob arrived from his journey overseas. Back when the Kickstarter was going on, I pledged to become a “Founding Fox” with a package that included one of the first editions of the new molds. My choice was a black Welsh Cob, who I’ve been calling Sirius Black in my head because I’m a nerd and reference Harry Potter way too much.

Anyway, moving on.
I bet the people at the post office knew this was for me without having to check the address… haha!

The box was a bit battered but everything arrived safe and sound.


I was impressed with the overall presentation, which was really nice. Included were certificates of authenticity,

an issue of the Model Horse Magazine and supplies and instructions to make a piece of tack,


plus a hand-written letter and a pretty fox pin:

And of course, the cob:


I am really, really happy with him. He’s a lot heavier than most of the horses in my collection, and seems very sturdy. He has a satin finish (not quite glossy, but just as tough to photograph!) which appears to be very durable. I’m not as paranoid to tack him up like I am with some of my newer Breyers, and that’s always a plus!

He came with two pegs for his front hoof (metal and plastic) and stands well, but not on his own. He is slightly tippy (no worse than Weathergirl or Strapless) but that just might be this particular model.

The mold itself is really nicely made, with loads of detail and clean seams.

The hand-painted details are a nice touch too, and I especially like his eyes:


Overall, I’m happy and am excited to be a part of a brand new model horse company. I’m looking forward to seeing how Copperfox will continue to grow and improve – this is a good first start! I can’t wait to add the others to my herd someday. πŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “Copperfox Cob

  1. Oh my goodness! πŸ˜€ Thank you so much for sharing, he is gorgeous and it’s awesome to see what all is in the box. I got a notification this morning that mine is on the way too. I’m so excited! I chose the Welsh Cob in buckskin – though the black was a VERY close second. Enjoy your new guy! πŸ™‚

    1. Not yet. They will be made available to the public as RR’s but I don’t know when. πŸ™‚

  2. He’s just wonderful!! I’m totally disappointed I missed out on the ‘founding fox’ aspect of Copperfox models but can’t wait until they start RR production.
    Enjoy your beautiful guy and all the special extras!


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