Instant Saddle Pads

Thanks to a tip I picked up from Christine, a few weeks back I sent away for some free fabric samples. They’re meant for ordering slip covers or curtains or blinds… but of course I had other things in mind…

SaddlepadsStacked2The first batch was perfect for making saddle pads.

SaddlepadsProgressAll I had to do was fold in the edges, iron them down…

SaddlepadsStripes4…and ta-da, instant pad!

SaddlepadsStripes3The texture is perfect too.


SaddlepadsStripes2Five new stripey pads! Now, what to do with the other sample orders…?

SaddlepadsInthemakingMore pads, probably.

10 thoughts on “Instant Saddle Pads

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I just ordered a TON of samples from Fabric Seen. Their website was rather slow so I didn’t want to wait forever to finish filling my cart, so I just ordered 30 samples and plan on ordering another 3 or 4 or maybe 5 times to get all of the samples I need!

    1. Actually, don’t use Fabric Seen. They only let you get 3. I got 30. I think I might need to either drop a couple, or find somewhere else.

      Nichelle – where did you get yours from?

      1. I can’t really remember which places were particularly good as I’ve ordered from pretty much everywhere but patchwork and sewing sites tend to have really nice quality stuff with small prints.

  2. Just do a google search for free fabric samples – several different companies crop up on the first page. 🙂 DO use your best judgement AND read the fine print (if there’s any) before ordering ANYTHING though, especially if it’s from another country. And especially if you’re a minor – get your parent’s ok first.

    Also, I wouldn’t recommend ordering batches and batches unless you’re just using them for personal use. For re-sale as tack pieces, the fabric really should be purchased.

    This is not directed at anyone, just some thoughts I’ve had since posting this. 🙂


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