RR Ranch Horses

When I lived in CA, my sister and I would ride every week. It started off with weekly lessons, and when those came to an end, we ended up working in exchange for rides.

I was going through pictures earlier today and stumbled across a bunch we took while we were there. I have no idea if these horses are still at the ranch, but it was nice to see them all again, so to speak. 🙂

This is Pal, who I rode most often. He was really sweet and fun to ride:

My sister usually rode a halflinger gelding named Rex (or Rex-a-Roni, or Rex-a-Doodle, or whatever ridiculous name we had for him that day) He was definitely a character!

Here’s Annie, a sweet horse who’s brain was never turned all the way on or off. 😛 I got into a nasty accident with her, haha… thank God for helmets!

These two (TWH I think??) belonged to one of my instructors, back when I was taking lessons. I can’t remember their names!

Then there was Zorby (or Zorbi?) a super SWEET arabian who loved attention:

This was a horse we joked was the “Princess” of the ranch, cause she seemed so spoiled compared to everyone else:

Along with others who’s names I can no longer remember, or never knew in the first place:

I really miss it some days!



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