So I’ve taken on a rescue.

Yes. And a stallion at that.

Made of plastic. *sigh*

I came home from work the other day (a very long and somewhat bad day mind you) to find a Cloud model sitting on my desk.

My sister said that she had found him in one of the rooms she cleans at work, in the TRASH can, of all places. I mean, really? What on earth happened to make this guy fall prey to the trash? It’s not like his limbs were snapped off.

No one claimed him for several days so my sister brought him home to me. He was covered with marks and was missing some paint on his hooves and nose, which makes me think that he used to belong to some little girl’s carpet herd. Perhaps he was the lead stallion that got into a lot of battles?

I’ve read that people have removed these sorts of marks with everything from lestoil to toothpaste. (ok maybe not EVERYTHING but it seems a lot of different things work) I went with plain old fashioned Dawn:

After quite a bit of scrubbing (and lots of Elvis songs later…) Cloud’s looking so much better:

Ha! Success! Now he’s cleaned up and pretty. (and smells good too!) He’s still missing paint but that’s no issue. If his owner does come looking for him, whoever she is, he’s all cleaned up and waiting for her. If not…. well I guess there’s always room on the shelf. 😉

Artsy pic:

3 thoughts on “So I’ve taken on a rescue.

  1. You know I don’t even really collect Breyers anymore, but the idea of this guy in the trash can makes me really sad. So glad you rescued him!


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