As far as I know, there’s only 1 hobby shop in town. I went in a few years ago, when I was put in charge of a Vacation Bible School project that needed a massive amount of clay. But since then I haven’t gone back, until today anyway.

Seriously it was like I had found buried treasure. o_O Ah! Leather! Leather tools and dye! Exacto blades and train stuff and wood pieces and pens, pencils, paints, pastels… and anything else you could think of, which is a BIG DEAL when you live in an area that doesn’t have a whole lot!

Well it’s not like we don’t have a whole lot… but hey… I grew up in a city in CA that has the same population as my current State.

Anyway, I came home with these goodies…

…both of which I thought I was going to have to buy online. (and now I don’t, hooray!! Take that shipping fees!)

Really though, I could’ve spent a small fortune in that store. Or a large one, if I had a large one anyway, hahaha…

I love hobby shops and craft stores. They get me all inspired and whatnot. 😀

One thought on “Treasures

  1. Those really *are* goodies. I use gum tragacanth on every single thing I make out of leather. It is such a wonderful aid–you won’t know how you ever lived without it!


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