I’ve been sick with a cold this past week. I had one a couple weeks ago, spread it through the house (whoops) then managed to catch it again from my family. Wait… technically that’s not possible, since you can only get a virus once. That must mean that we have more then one running through this house… OHNO.

Anyway, being sick’s no fun at all. You don’t have any energy and everything hurts and itches. Normal people watch bad TV shows and lay in bed all day when they’re sick.

I sculpt miniature food. 😛

Have you ever seen the work of artists who sculpt miniature food as a serious hobby? Seriously- look what came up when I did 1 search on Flickr:  Some of this stuff is incredible and so life like that it makes you feel hungry.

I don’t have a use for mini cakes and breads and such, (yet! I’ll find a use for them in the model horse hobby- watch me!) but figured I would try sculpting some… er.. horsey related food. I like how they turned out. It’s always fun to add more props to my collection. 😀

My cat thinks it’s fun too. Her definition of fun however, is batting my stuff around the room:


Silly cat!

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