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It’s been go go go ever since I got back home from Oregon, so I’m sorry if I’m being kind of slow to respond to emails and such. This weekend I had time to get some photo editing done. Here are some photos from the BreyerWest open model horse show!

It had been five-ish years since I last went to a show. Unfortunately nervousness took over, so a lot of the photos I managed to get didn’t turn out because of how badly my hands were shaking. Hi anxiety, so glad you could make it. 🙄
When I did manage to mellow out I was more content to just watch and admire all the beautiful horses that were there. I did get some phone photos, so apologies for the not-so-great quality!

Three of my dozen horses placed, (a 6th, 4th and 2nd) which was better than what I was expecting. The classes were very competitive and at times gigantic (my Alborozo got 6th in a class that had to be split because it was so big) so any placing at all was exciting!

Enough of my rambling, on to the pictures!


Owned by Meredith Conrad


Owned by Meredith Conrad

I was so happy to see haired models at this show! Haired customs are my favorites ❤

owned by Mel Miller

owned by Mel Miller

In-Between Mare

I think this little guy was an auction model? Not positive but he was gorgeous! Owned by Debbie Connell


Painted by Christina Riley

owned by Stormy Strike

All in all this was a really great, well organized and smoothly run show. Special thanks to Erin Corbett, to Kat and Heather at Breyer, to all of the judges and everyone else who volunteered their time and energy to make BreyerWest possible!

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