I’ve added way too many horses to the herd.

First, Catch Me:

I’ve been waiting for a RR on this mold! He looks like such a great performance horse.

Dominante is next… I’ve also been waiting for a RR on this mold! This color suits him so well. The real horse, Dominante XXIX, is the sire of Gozosa SCS, so of course I had to have him so they could be a family. ❤️ (I’m such a weirdo I know I know I know)

Unfortunately mine came with a pinpoint box rub on his off side arghhhh.

But he’s still really pretty and I love his face and oddly shaped blaze.

Protocol I picked up on the last day of BreyerWest. (thank you Aidan’s Toy Trove!) Many of the other 2019 releases were gone at that point (I figured that would happen…) so I was really happy to be able to snag this set.

I used to own a Strapless years ago. She was the Appaloosa Sport Horse and I picked her up at Equine Affaire in So CA in the early 2000’s. I ended up selling her later and of course, regretted it. Until recently, prices on any run on the Strapless mold have been really high.

Protocol is a benefit model, with a portion of her sales going to Danny and Ron’s Rescue. Since 2005, Danny and Ron have rescued and found homes for more than 11,000 dogs.

She comes with two dogs, which oddly enough, were the two dog molds I was missing from my Breyer dog pack. (on a sidenote, my one-of-every-dog-mold collection is complete WOO!)

This one is really cute:

I’m not sure how I feel about this one:

The Icelandic I also picked up from Aidan’s Toy Trove at BreyerWest, after falling in love with the real Icelandics there. This is one of those molds that I like so much more in person.

And last but not least, here’s a Radar I picked up off of ebay after watching his auction forever. He’s a 2010 BreyerFest store special. In 2009 or 2010 I submitted a request for an updated chestnut on Roy for Breyer’s “Collector’s Choice.” (whatever happened to that?) This guy was definitely a coincidence (he is a portrait model after all) but it was a fun coincidence to see anyway!

Satus Stockdogs

On Saturday there was a demonstration featuring the Satus Stockdogs. I don’t know about you all but I found this really interesting to watch!

It’s easier for me to show than try to explain something I know so little about… so here’s a video:

And a few crappy phone photos:

Continuing with the horse expo photo spam~

Here is a liberty/trick training demonstration:

This horse’s personality was great, but since it was day three, he was definitely over this whole expo business.

He was performing with the Black Pearl Friesians, so I got some better photos of him outside later.

There was another demonstration with Andalusians and Lusitanos. The horses and riders were all in fantasy costumes:

A lot of my indoor photos came out too blurry, but I do love this one:

Again, everyone lined up outside for pictures and greetings!

I tried to get some tack shots, of course. 🙂

This costume was my favorite